The Disabili-Team is ready to Sleigh Stigma!

The Disabili-Team

The Disabili-Team

The story so far:

-2017: Alex "The Glamputee" Locust made his Santa Skivvies debut, nabbing the #2 top fundraiser spot with almost 200 donations. Witnessing the power of community and celebrating the disability justice principle of interdependence, it was clear a team could make more of an impact than just one runner...

-2018: The Disabili-Team assembles! This babely team galvanized with body positivity and disability justice in mind, raising nearly $10,000 and firmly landing in the top fundraising spot. Read more about last year's journey here:

-2019: The Disabili-Team is reuniting to demonstrate solidarity for those living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS. We're also on a mission to showcase the power of disabled community members as leaders in advocacy movements and the importance of creating more accessible opportunities for disabled people to exercise their leadership.

By donating to the Disabili-Team you're both supporting the San Francisco AIDS Foundation's vital services AND you're lifting up representation of disabled leaders rarely seen in fundraising spaces like these.

Thank you for your support and for helping us to make history!


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