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Cantwell Muckenfuss

Cantwell Muckenfuss

Hello my fabulous friends and family!

This year I have decided to strip down to my skivvies and run a mile to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation - where I work ;-) Your support of SFAF will undoubtedly help our city to achieve zero – zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths, and zero HIV stigma.

Donations received through Santa Skivvies Run allow San Francisco AIDS Foundation to provide free-of-charge HIV prevention, care and housing services to over 25,000 people who are living with or at-risk for HIV.

And this year I have joined the utterly majestic Disabili-Team! In 2019 The Disabili-Team is reuniting to demonstrate solidarity for those living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS. We're also on a mission to showcase the power of disabled community members as leaders in advocacy movements and the importance of creating more accessible opportunities for disabled people to exercise their leadership. By donating to the Disabili-Team you're both supporting the San Francisco AIDS Foundation's vital services AND you're lifting up representation of disabled leaders rarely seen in fundraising spaces like these.

Thank you so so much for your support!

Love <3 <3 <3


raised of $500 goal

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1. Janessa B
2. Blake Mitchell
So proud of you!
3. Chelsea Donahue
4. Andrew Richdale
5. Anisse Amina Gross
A great cause!
6. Margaret Monroe
Happy Sta Skivvies! Thank you for sharing your joy. Cheers, Maggie
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