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The Disabili-Team

The Disabili-Team

Happy holigays to all of our favorite elves, snowfolx, and nonbinary gingerbread babes. We're a merry team of disabled people and allies joining together to fight stimga against HIV, fund preventative services and treatment opportunities, AND demonstrate the fundraising power of disabled people and body positivity.

Our team is comprised of people with a range of disabilities (visible and invisible, physical and mental, congenital and acquired) as well as allies in in solidarity of our vision. We are confident in the organizing and community power of disabled people and are proud to channel that energy into such an important cause. By doing so we hope to inspire others to know that disabled people are integral change agents in any cause and increased access is the key to more inclusive movements.

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1. Jaeleen Bennis
2. Jeanne Kurani
3. Dana And Terence McCullough
4. Mike Richey And Chris Winslow
You get out there and run doll. Thank you for all that you do to help end HIV infections in our world!!! That's important work!!!
5. Ilana Portman
Love this. So impressed. Miss you.
6. Randi Dean