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Oscar Lara

Oscar Lara

Hello friends! Its that time of the year again. Time to drop my pants, squeeze my fat-ass into tiny underwear, and run around theCastro!

You're probly thinking: "So what? How is that any different than any other weekend in theCastro?"
ok... valid. (tee hee!)

But this time it's for _charity_. For the SF AIDS Foundation.

Please *open up* your... wallets; and *pull out* your... credit card, and make a donation. Anything helps. even $1. or $5. or anything.

How much would you spend on a drink? $10? Can u give up 1 drink to help support SFAIDS Foundation? maybe?

srsly. any help u can give is super-appreciated. Thanks. love u guys! hearts.

check out my insta for story pics from last year!

Donations received through Santa Skivvies Run allow San Francisco AIDS Foundation to provide free-of-charge HIV prevention, care and housing services to over 25,000 people who are living with or at-risk for HIV.

Thank you for your support!

Love you! <3


SantaSkivvies 2017

SantaSkivvies 2017

Sleigh, Queen!


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. Michael J Bacon
2. Lou Lara
Have fun on your run! Watch out for shrinkage from the cold.
3. Melissa McDow
Have fun in your skivvies! My company will match my donation too!
4. Oscar Lara