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Caitlin Hernandez

Caitlin Hernandez

Hi, All!

I'm super-thrilled to be part of the DisabiliTeam (how boss a name is
that!?) running/walking/rolling the Santa Skivvies Run, which is a Fun Run in the Castro, funding life-saving HIV services in San Francisco. (No,
I will not be running naked; my Santa Cruz days are over. I will be some sort of rainbow/Santa/holiday situation instead.) Anyway, if you feel so compelled, please donate anything you can. Care for those with HIV is so important. Also, how epic will it be if us disableds shred the ableds and make hecka more bank than them and everyone is shocked as they're showered with our disabled power!? Er I mean, we disabled
people are very modest. Always. And not competitive. At all. Thaaanks!!!

Jingle bells jingle bells and rainbow love,


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One epic shredding, please.
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