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Joshua Lippincott

Joshua Lippincott

Family and Friends!!!

WE CAN DO IT!!! LET'S REACH $5000!!!

It is that time of year again...time to drop trou and run for HIV research and ultimately a cure for HIV/AIDS. I believe I will see it in my life, however, it cannot be done without all of us coming together!! With loved ones experiencing HIV, I raise, run, and embarrass myself for them because their lives are worth it!

Will you consider skipping Starbucks or packing a lunch and donating $1, $5, or whatever is laid on your heart? I am not only passionate about doing this together but want to beat this disease for all.

AND...clothing is not an option...undies all the way!

Thank you for your consideration and looking forward to doing this together!!

Love and Blessings!!!



Family and Friends! As of yesterday, the challenge was made to see who would get the most individuals to join the fight against HIV and AIDS with the Santa Skivvies Run by Friday, November 22nd. I am asking you, will you consider donating just $5. Take the money for one cup or coffee, glass of wine, or whatever your vice might be and join me, with $5, to support fighting for a cure against HIV? I know we can do this!


Here is the challenge as we need your help. I am asking and challenging my friends and family...to help reach my goal of $2000. Will you be willing to donate $5 on behalf of one or each person that you know that HIV and AIDS has affected? I am doing that right now myself. I donate because I love Pea and D, J, B, A, G, M, B, J, D, K, C, Kat, L, P, C, TL, N, S, and G. I run and fight for them. Who will you join the fight for? Please use the link below to donate!!!! https://www.santaskivviesrun.org/JoshyinhisSantasSkivvies… These letters and names represent those I love. I am running the Santa Skivvies run not just for fun, but to be a voice, a fighter, supporter and lover of those battling with HIV and AIDS. Please join me and let's beat this together. Love and Blessings!!

I fight for those I love



Santa and his red puff balls are excited as we take to the streets to run and fight for a cure!!!



raised of $5,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Karen Harkness
Thanks for your dedication!
2. Brando Dela Cuesta
3. Brooke Lakin
So proud of you!
4. Andrew Santiago
5. Rizalina Reyes
6. Karen Ayuman
Go go go Joshua! This cause is worth every penny and enjoy the run! :)