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Alex DiCicco

Alex DiCicco

Thank you for visiting. Your support of San Francisco AIDS Foundation will undoubtedly help our city to achieve zero – zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths, and zero HIV stigma.

Just two and a half years ago, I moved to San Francisco to pursue work but I got much more out of it. I found a community that embraced me and allowed me to thrive while being my authentic self. As a young LGBTQ member of this community it is imperative that I acknowledge, share and reflect on the stories of my communities history. Standing on the shoulders of giants, and exposing myself to the hardships that we faced has been a moving and important process for me, especially as I interact with individuals who lived through the trauma.

Now it is my turn to play a role in the story of our history, please consider donating to my page for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation to provide free-of-charge HIV prevention, care and housing services to over 25,000 people who are living with or at-risk for HIV. This is a movement to protect and help individuals in my community to not only live their lives, but to thrive in them.

Thank you for your love and support!



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